Attendee information

Smart card (Rabbit)

As the conference is paperless, attendees receive presentation material and other information via  a customized smart card. Attendees may gain access and download conference material by holding the card to the card reader. You can upload content of any format and size to Rabbit.  You will find card readers at the reception desk, in the VIP section and in front of the plenary session’s room. 

E-voting (

Speakers may use during and after their presentations. People in the audience may answer the speaker’s questions via their smart devices after having logged in to the website. Each answer is directly registered and displayed either in a graph (yes/no or multiple-choice questions) or in a word cloud (opinion questions). Besides e-voting, another advantage of using the system is that attendees are free to ask questions from the speaker with or without  revealing their names. Please, use this innovative device in your presentation!


2nd Regional Digital Summit